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The Sitternook Babysitting Blog is an up-to-date, down-to-earth babysitting guide that keeps savvy babysitters and nannies on par with today's trends as well as time-proven practices in the field of childcare.

Chicken Nuggets Gone Wrong...

I was babysitting my brother and sister on a Saturday while my parents were out grocery shopping. My mom had left chicken nuggets for lunch and told me

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The "Ketchup" Suprise

I was babysitting a four year old boy and his sister, I went into the bathroom and all the sudden I heard a scream. I thought that they were just playing

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Off-The-Cuff Creative Babysitting Ideas

Creative Babysitting Ideas for the Imagination

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Babysitting Books

The Best Babysitting Books Around

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Babysitter Checklist

A babysitter checklist for the sitter and one for the parents.

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