Babysitter Checklist

Babysitter Checklist (for the sitter!)

These checklists are meant to be companions for one another. The babysitter should use this list but also look at the one for parents, to ask additional questions if necessary.

1. Make sure the parents leave their cell phone number, or a way to reach them, with you.

2. Ask if they are expecting anyone to come to the house.

3. Have the phone number and address of the babysitting house written down nearby.

4. Ask the parents if the children take any medicine or have any allergies.

5. Know where the home's First Aid Kit is.

6. Make sure you have gas in your car.

7. Know the route from the babysitting home to the nearest hospital.

8. Be ready for impromptu games and creative thinking. For ideas, see Babysitting Activities.

9. Be confident and knowledgeable when discussing Babysitting Rates.

10. Don't forget your personal items. Bring what you'll need for the time away: a book, aspirin, cell phone, etc.

Babysitter Checklist (for the parents!)

These babysitter checklists are meant to be companions for one another. The parents should use this list but also look at the one for babysitters, to provide additional information if necessary.

1. Leave a list that includes your cell phone number or a way to reach you, as well as emergency numbers (neighbors, on-call physician, etc.) and the address and phone number of your home.

2. In front of the children, tell the babysitter what time their bedtime is and whether or not they're allowed to watch TV, play video games, or get on the computer.

3. Tell the babysitter about any allergies your children have or any medicine they need to take.

4. Give the babysitter a quick tour of your home, pointing out children's bedrooms, bathrooms, changing table, and any areas that may be off limits.

5. Let the babysitter know if he/she should expect anyone to come to the house while you're gone.

6. Tell the babysitter whether he/she needs to take care of the pets while you're gone (feed, let outside) or if the kids are supposed to.

7. Tell the sitter if any of your children have any special needs or particular behavioral traits that may be unexpected.

8. Give the babysitter an idea of when you'll be home.

9. Ask the babysitter what he/she charges--if you haven't discussed this topic previously, you could tell the sitter what you usually pay and see if that's what he/she expected.

For an additional resource, try's Babysitting Checklist for parents.

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