Welcome to the up-to-date, down-to-earth babysitting guide!

The purpose of this site is to help babysitters and nannies of all ages and experience levels have a smooth babysitting experience while providing an important professional service for parents and guardians. And ultimately, have some fun with the kids!

Ever been babysitting and water starts seeping through the ceiling? Have you ever lost track of exactly where one of the children is? What about when the "fix-it guy" shows up and you had no idea he was coming? Maybe nobody mentioned that one of the children has a peanut allergy! What do you do when kids say they're bored? How can you be sure a movie is age-appropriate?

Share your stories on Sitternook.com and let other sitters know how you handled, or should have handled, sticky situations with kids.

While you can't prevent every accident, argument or mess, this is a job in which knowledge is power. Knowing what to expect from children of all ages, plus having reviewed guidelines on commonand not so commonlife events and how to handle them, is the key to babysitting success.

Whether you sit full-time, part-time or you're just starting a babysitting business, this site will help you prepare and will serve as a reference for tips and important questions. Kids can and will surprise you, no matter how long you've been a caretaker. This modern-day guide is important, because with the advent of computers, media and society in general, children tend to be much savvier for their ages than in the past. Be prepared for Generation Z!