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Hotel babysitting is oftentimes more challenging than babysitting at someone's home, yet if approached the right way, it can be a breeze.

Every scenario may be a bit different, but the idea with hotel babysitting is that the parents want their child or children to travel with them for some part of the trip, but they need a sitter for the late-night events.

The first element of this babysitting job may entail a car or plane ride with the entire family. It's one thing to babysit children when the parents are still home, but to do it in the back seat of the family station wagon is a different story.

One one hand, you are limited with the types of activities you'll be able to try, seeing as how no one can really move and all must stay buckled up.

On the other hand, since the parents are two feet away, the child/children aren't likely to be too unruly for you. Plan with the parents to make sure one of you brings a bag full of car games and healthy snacks for the ride.

On to the hotel part. Again, babysitting away from home will vary from situation to situation, but likely you will be in a room with the child, and the parents will be in their own room close by. They'll let you know what they expect to happen, but in case they forget to mention some of this, check out the questions above for some ideas.

Depending on the length of time you'll be at the hotel or resort, you may look into whether the hotel provides activities for kids. Family resort-type places typically will have activities for children, and attending these activities can give you a break from one-on-one interaction with the children. It will also allow them to meet other kids, which can be beneficial for them and for you. Keep an eye on them of coursethe hotel activity does not mean you're free to go.

Do some research regarding pool games to keep them entertained in the water.

Always remember that no matter where you are, the kids are your top priority. Don't allow yourself to get too comfortable, even if you're at a fantastic resort with a family. They are paying you to be able to enjoy the resort themselves without having to play parents the entire time. If the parents specifically give you a night or two off, then you know you're free to do what you please; otherwise, babysit just like you would in their home.

Make sure you know what to charge while on vacation. Unlike normal overnight babysitting, hotel babysitting and resort babysitting has a different element because of travel, not necessarily being on familiar ground, meals and time away.

The children will have a heightened since of excitement because of both being on vacation/out of their home and not having the parents around. Have fun, and remember to stay focused.

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